Our INCOSE Russian chapter

March 2, 2010

I am a president of INCOSE Russian Chapter.

INCOSE Russian chapter have biweekly meetings, there was 22 such a meetings since Chapter creation in a spring 2009. All the material (including video of presentations) is available here: http://community.livejournal.com/incose_ru/ (all meetings are in Russian).

INCOSE Russian chapter have now 44 members from Moscow, Sankt-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kiev. We use http://dimdim.com and http://skype.com to gather via internet our members from different cities.

Occasionally we have presentation from our 23th of December 2010 meeting translated in English — http://www.slideshare.net/ailev/situational-method-engineering. Regard it as a sample of an INCOSE Russian Chapter meeting presentations.

Main topics of interest in our chapter is:
— international standards of systems engineering and situational method engineering
— model-based systems engineering
— requirements engineering
— project planning for capital construction projects
— configuration management on base of ontology data integration
— magister curriculum in systems engineering and other education activities

There was 2 international tutorials in Rosatom-VNIIAES (“Systems thinking and systems engineering” and “Data integration”) that was attended by Russian chapter members (materials in Russian see at http://www.vniiaes.ru/uzhc/).

We plan to provide Workshop on systems engineering challenges (25-28 of March 2010, near Moscow, Russian language). Special topic will be planning activities in capital construction projects (we have 4 speakers for this type of challenge).

23-25 of September 2010 we plan to organize international conference on challenges of systems engineering (RuSEC2010).

My main goal as a president of INCOSE Russian Chapter is to provide presentations of Russian engineering work at international level. Out members should to publish articles about their understandings in systems engineering in English, they should to attend international events as speakers etc.


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