Modeling language spectrum for model-based systems engineering

April 7, 2010

The order in this language list is important (from programming to modelling then to ontology-based modelling):
1. SIMULA67, BETA and Scandinavian OO-modeling school (programming=modeling)
2. Modelica — object-oriented acausal equation-based (multy-physics) simulations —
3. ModelicaML — simulations in Modelica and systems modeling with SysML ( Less integrated but with the same intention is CATIA V6 RLFP+BDM (with Modelica and SMC) from Dassault Systemes.
4. SysML and other languages for systems modeling.
5. OPML — ontological product modeling language ( and SysMO initiative (, now seems not too active).
6. OIM (object information model) and their integration in ISO 15926 (

I realize that for each line in this list there is a certain narrow community. Each one of such communities is rather well familiar and has discussions with neighbours but no dialogue exists between distant members of this list.

ISO 24744 (with addition of ISO 42010) can be used as a framework for discussion of all of these languages and notations of modeling in engineering and development activities. Using these standards with connection to modeling language spectrum list should permit to build MBSE process framework that would explicitly provide explanation for usage of different types of modeling in different tasks and processes of model-driven development project life cycle.


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