.15926 Roadmap

November 25, 2010

Roadmap of .15926 (ISO 15926 implementation project, see https://levenchuk.com/2010/11/14/dot15926-iso-15926-implementation-project/):

Version 0.5 — full fledged template engine

* Full support of Part 2+ language, Part 7 templates.
* N-Tree browsing and editing (with templates lowered and lifted)
* drag-and-drop template creation and editing
* no interface that pattern-defined by user
* smart auto-completion in all fields
* search for pattern with result in any branch of a tree (with auto-completion on base of previous searched patterns)
* Server and Editor work on one computer
* No constraints language.
* No DSL support at editors.
* Adapter to OWL files only (rudimentary mapping) import/export (Part 8 )
* Intraserver (not from RDL Federation) ontolet support
* No project/preset support
* No server optimizations
* smart installer

Version 1 — diagram editor + RDL server
* Part 7 diagrams browsing and editing (lifted and lowered graph supported)
* Constraints language support
* Multiple adapters (full mapping support)
* Remote server
* Participation in RDL federation (SPARQL endpoint publishing, Part 9)
* Presets/project support
* No collaboration (simultaneously editing) support

Version 1.5 — collaborative ontology editing environment
* collaborative editing

Version 2 — universal modeling environment
* scalable server (multiple optimizations)
* multiple DSLs support (language workbench: projectile editor)


2 Responses to “.15926 Roadmap”

  1. Glen Worrall Says:

    Hi Anatoly,
    are there any projected dates for the dot15926 project ?

  2. ailev Says:

    Yes, TechInvestLab have concrete milestones for versions 0.5 and 1 đŸ˜‰

    Hope we will demo something in a couple of months.

    Extensive Russian language discussion about .15926 you can find at http://community.livejournal.com/dot15926/

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