Reference data engineering. “ISO 15926 outside” method description.

February 27, 2011

TechInvestLab just published “Reference data engineering. ISO 15926 outside method description” document — (19 pages in Russian, version 2.0).

This is first description that has not only new drafts of ISO 15926 parts in it base but also ISO 15288 system development terminology (with “reference data” as system-of-interest) and ISO 24744 as reference data life cycle description framework that defined content and structure of method description.

First part of “ISO 15926 outside” description consist of purpose and value validation for suggested method.

Then presented description of work products. After clearing the difference between information, data and information objects, we have a long list of clauses devoted to many of used artifacts: reference data of several kinds, project data, data model, full plant life cycle data pyramid, reference data libraries of several levels, mappings, data warehouses. All this with 4 pictures take 11 pages.

Next in document presented incremental reference data life cycle that consist of 6 stages:

1. Identification of project data sets.

2. Identification of data store definition items.

3. Data store definition items set characterization.

4. Mapping development.

5. Actual data transfer.

6. Verification of data transfer.

Each stage have a couple of pages description of practices that it used.

Then listed data modeling languages that support defined reference data life cycle: language of Part 2, template language, RDF and OWL.

Then method declare capabilities needed for people that fitting reference data engineer (data modeler) professional role.

Last section of text is about tools: reference data editor, mapping editor, data warehouse-specific adapter.

We have plans to translate this method description to English.

While this text devoted to “ISO 15926 outside” method, main focus of .15926 project still is in realm of “ISO 15926 inside”  approach and far outreached reference data engineering.


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