Release of .15926 browser software and ontology example to browse in it.

March 25, 2011

Today TechInvestLab released second “ontology engine”: .15926 browser 0.4 alpha 4 (

First “ontology engine” of  TechInvestLab (Communiware, first release was in 1998) still alive, and have usage to produce websites. Ten years ago it was a dream “rewrite Communiware for OWL”, it seems incredible cool in 2001 to have something related to OWL. Now .15926 engine eats OWL files in several varieties, but semantics of its ontology is not from OWL. “Semantic web” have only “transport format” usage for much more expressive semantic of ISO 15926. Discussion of developers also not about “semantics”. We already discuss “formal pragmatics” with ISO 15926 as А дискуссии разработчиков вообще проходят уже не на тему семантики, а на тему формальной прагматики, где ISO 15926 will be only one of many available semantics. This “pragmatics over semantics” version of .15926 is not for near future implementation, but wait 10 years as with Communiware and OWL…

This is my third ontology engine. Before Communiware it was Acquisitor (knowledge acquisition tool) that I was released 25 years ago not only as manager but also as Pascal programmer.

Start of .15926 software development was 1st of October, 2o10. There was thrown three consecutive version of code (in release 0.4 means fours rewriting from scratch). When started, we expected to release in March  2011 not only Browser, but Editor. But there was many unexpected difficulties: support of triple store for 2.7mln triples (this is current size of PCA RDS reference data library), show on screen 5 kinds of data from 8 exotic file formats, provide “bridge” for two of “almost right” RDL, have extensive research about metadata representation (and have extensive discussions with ISO 15926 community about metadata, still we have problems with it), etc.

Therefore we released only Browser (five times more advanced then we assume when start coding). Editor is scheduled for release later.

This is international release: help is in English, users expected from ISO 15926 community not only from Russia but all over the world.
So, currently I am not software engineering theorist but actual software project manager.

Separate story is about example reference data that we bundle to .15926 browser distribution kit. This is Rosatom RDL, and test project data of Rosatom (publicly available at TechInvestLab was participant of ontology engineering project that lead to creation of this RDL. Thus I now have not only software development experience, but ontology development experience too.

Now we are waiting publishing of Shipbuilding RDL of Sudoexport. This is another engineering ontology that we participated in development.


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