INCOSE Russian Chapter in April 2011

May 8, 2011

April 2011 was very busy at INCOSE Russian chapter. Usualy we have bi-weekly regular meetings. But in April 2011 there was two bigger activities: second Systems Engineering Challenges Workshop of INCOSE Russian chapter 7-10 of April 2011 at Bekasovo (near Moscow) and Complex technical systems: evolution of contemporary engineering disciplines conference that was organized 27 of April 2011 at Moscow by MISiS University together with several engineering holdings.

Systems Engineering Challenges Workshop is second such a meeting (first Workshop was situated the same venue one year ago) and gather INCOSE Russian chapter members from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kiev. Main topic of workshop discussions this year was engineering breakdowns structures such as functional, system, work, location etc.. Term “breakdown structure” comes from project management (engineering management disciplines), engineering disciplines more often speaks about “decompositions” and “classifications”. We at INCOSE Russian chapter have apply ontology of ISO 15926 to establish relations types of different “breakdowns”, “decompositions”, “classifications”, etc.. There were four presentations about engineering and engineering management breakdowns with examples from construction industry, nuclear power plant engineering, shipbuilding.

Other topics included usage of ISO 42010 for engineering information systems architecture descriptions, applications of ISO 15926 for life cycle data integration of industrial equipment catalogs and building of formal requirements models, enterprise engineering with usage of DEMO method.

Russian language report about this Workshop you can find here:

During this year Bekasovo Workshop it was not discussed only international systems engineering community experience. It was dramatic shift to our own systems engineering application projects that INCOSE members perform in everyday work.

MISiS Conference was devoted mainly to life cycle management talks that perfectly fit between engineering and engineering management fields. This conference was attended by many members of INCOSE Russian chapter. Moreover, at this Conference there was three presentations delivered by INCOSE Russian chapter members.

I  delivered at this conference presentation “Evolution of engineering practice of life cycle data integration” that was devoted to evolution from almost 20 years old life cycle data integration standards like STEP (ISO 10303) to contemporary  ISO 15926 and thus shifting of engineering data modeling community from object-oriented “close world” paradigm data integration to fact-oriented “open world” ontology-based contemporary paradigm.

It was a couple of hundreds representatives of Russian engineering companies and universities participated in this conference. Communiqué of this Conference directly addressed systems engineering as leading practice. This is mean recognition of systems engineering within Russian engineering community. Not bad result of INCOSE Russian chapter activity in recent couple years.

Russian language report about this Workshop you can find here:

Next big event (not counting of regular Chapter meetings that we expect in May) with INCOSE Russian chapter active participation will be international forum “Intellectual design. Complex engineering objects life cycle management” that will be in Nizhny Novgorod 15-16 of June 2010 (Russian language info: I will give there a key talk “Engineering management and systems engineering”.


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