.15926 Editor usability release (version 0.87)

January 24, 2012

The feature and usability release 0.87 at http://techinvestlab.ru/files/dot15926Editor/dot15926Editor087.rar Some features are really nice, please update!

New in version 0.87:
* Capability to add and edit template instances in preset Tablan.
* Correct visualization of Same As data attribute.
* Data source indication for data items viewed.
* Reload of entities for interrupted SPARQL request.
* Process interruption with window closure (mistake correction capability).
* Capability to access password protected SPARQL endpoints.
* URI dereferencing and web access for data model items and all data items.
* Some usability tips and tricks in documentation.

Next we plan feature release with template-based search to have possibility extract sub-graph from stored semantic network (we call it “scanner” because search engine will scan overall semantic network with template-based pattern matching).

Then we will add support of reporting (rendering, writing) this searched sub-graph in different formats (ISO 15926 part 8, .xls table, HTML, diagrams in GraphViz, etc.).

Next we will support OIMs and reference data library maintenance.

Then we open source code (we hope that to up to that moment architecture of .15926 programming platform for different plug-ins will be stable). This will be final release of .15926 version 1.0

Next really big thing will be support of DSLs with language workbench (projectional technology). This ISO 15926 ontology-based language workbench will be .15926 version 2.0.


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