.15926 Editor v.1.1 is here!

November 19, 2012

Today was released .15926 Editor v.1.1, feature release of our ISO 15926 ontology platform (take this freeware here: http://techinvestlab.ru/dot15926Editor).

Main feature of this release is extensively documented API for developing of ISO 15926 mapping adapters (“extensions”, think of plug-ins) according to iRING architecture “ISO 15926 outside”. There are several samples of such an adapters for different file formats (.xlsx, JSON, .txt with example of creation new type of editable view panel within user-defined extension). This extensions can be not only importers and exporters, editors and browsers of different formats. Same API can be used to extend .15926 Editor with validators, reasoners, natural language processors and other “semantic” and “classic AI” stuff. This is rather serious software, documentation for version 1.1 have more than 150 pages.

Software have Python 2.7 REPL with dynamic importing of Python modules (e.g. you can say “import nltk” and have all the power of NLTK software and data along with ISO 15926 ontology programming). We support “exploratory programming” methodology that is mean emphasizing programming and scripting languages over point-and-click interfaces. One of first usage of this feature from 3rd party developers is generation of Python snippets for ISO 15926 visual diagrams with DiagramDesigner of Roman Riabenko. This snippets in .15926 Editor produce valid Part 8 RDF/OWL file that correspond to graph diagram. Download ISO 15926 DiagramDesigner version (alpha) from http://yadi.sk/d/KdFdMAQ50Bql9 and full English documentation from http://yadi.sk/d/bqI3C5zG0HxEN.

We also published small amount of reference data that needed for our samples and examples in TechInvestLab.ru RDL sandbox SPARQL endpoint (http://rdl.techinvestlab.ru:8891/sparql) . Link to our public RDL was added to menu with other known to us ISO 15926-compliant RDLs.

We have better packaging, i.e. Windows installer and update checker to users not miss our next releases.

Sure, there are numerous interface improvements and bug-fixes.

Now we have plans to strengthen work with ISO 15926 patterns in the next release of .15926 Editor. Our software will be smarter.



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