.15926 Editor version 1.4 is released

February 24, 2014

Today TechInvestLab released version 1.4 of .15926 Editor. You can take this freeware here: http://techinvestlab.ru/dot15926Editor

There were 1351 issues closed since version 1.31 that was published almost 6 months ago. Main focus of this release was simplicity of usage. We have two main features here:

1. Spreadsheet (MS Excel) adapter. Its target data model is described with patterns using available reference data (classes and templates). Mapping from spreadsheet data model (column structure) to patterns is established in a convenient table interface, and adapter transforms spreadsheet data to ISO 15926 compliant RDF. Data processing capabilities of MS Excel allow to work with the complicated data base exports (e.g. with formulae), smoothly bringing relational/table data to Semantic Web domain.

2. From this release several data verification tests are built in the Editor. Basic compliance to data model restrictions (as defined by Part 2 and template definitions) is verified for relational entities. Typing and classification verification is implemented across the project, to facilitate this disjointness and membership restriction inheritance was inferred for Part 2 type tree.

Other improvements are numerous. Enhancing in usability include local URI search, new pattern-based “engineering” data view, built-in UUID support for data entities created in the Editor, and direct access to UUID generator. It is now much easier to work on complex data projects with project-wide property and module name management. The Editor can read Turtle files now. Documentation was rearranged into several volumes for ease of use, and complete Russian interface is now included in the Editor to demonstrate its potential for localization.”

We already started work on version 1.5 to add web-framework Flask (http://flask.pocoo.org/) to the Editor. We pan to demonstrate new mapping functionality of the Editor 1.4, together with our solution for Linked Data of not released yet alfa version 1.5  at the 29th March of 2014 Hakathon Event of Ontology Summit. Our project is «Reference data for Anime and Manga: Semantic Linking and Publushing of Diverse Data-Sets» (see it in overall international Hackathon project list here: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2014_Hackathon).


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