.15926 Editor is in open source now

March 24, 2015

.15926 Editor  is in open source now. It was developed by TechInvestLab since 2010. The .15926 Editor is more a Platform now than exactly an Editor. The Editor is only one of applications that was built on top of that Platform.

You can get the code of the 1.5beta version from the repository at https://github.com/TechInvestLab/dot15926.git by downloading the archive or cloning the repository using Git client. Instructions to start the software and the list of required Python packages are in the project wiki https://github.com/TechInvestLab/dot15926/wiki/Starting-the-software—Dependencies .

The code is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 https://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html . Thus the Platform can be used as a part of a proprietary or commercial product. Of course we’ll welcome more contributors, please ask for commiter’s rights to the repository.

Compiled versions are available from http://techinvestlab.ru/dot15926Editor . Both stable 1.43 and experimental 1.5beta versions can be downloaded.


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